The undoubtful best HTML/CSS Framework Bootstrap is close to release it’s 4th version. I’ve taken a few minutes to introduce to you, my top 4 changes.

IE8 thrown away, introducing rem and em

Bootstrap is “rolling with the changes”, IE8 support is dropped and the used measurement size has changed from pixels to rem and em. This allows a better responsive behaviour of font sizes and general sizes.

Reworked all JavaScript plugins

With Bootstrap 4 all JavaScript plugins have been reworked with ES6. This means, we will experience performance imporvements. Additionally, due to the fact it’s ES6, we will also be introduced to features like UMD support, generic teardown methods, option type checking and many more.

Replacing LESS with SASS

Some will probably not agree with me but i’m very happy Bootstrap moved to SASS!

With the drop of LESS for SASS, compiling will be faster and more lightweight. Bootstrap will join a awesome community full of SASS lovers (not to confuse with the Ashley Madison lovers!).

Reworked Documentation

We will be greeted by a new Documentation, not only telling us all the new features but also showing us more examples. Additionally the search functionality has improved, this means, we will learn the same amount much faster.

Closing out, i think the Bootstrap is on a very good path. The changes made in version 4 are well thought. If you’re interested in a full list of changes, make sure to check out this site.

If you’re even more interested, you should check out the Github repository of Bootstrap.